Meet the New Baby — Solana Baby

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2 min readMar 14, 2022


Today, we will be introducing a new Baby, the Solana Baby!

Solana Baby is a workaholic Baby with strict self-discipline. He worked from a trader to a great founder, and became one of the wealthiest babies on our planet. Solana Baby always wears T-shirts and shorts to work, and makes sure every room has beanbag chairs to sleep on. He keeps pursuing his initial goal of making impactful donations and helping those who are in need on the Baby Planet. You can’t find him now? Shhhh… he’s napping under his table!

Basic Information

Name: Solana Baby

Rarity: Ultra Rare

Total Quantity: 2,000

Role: Archer

Damage Type: Physical

Advantage: Vitality

Disadvantage: Stamina

Solana Baby in Daily Mining

Solana Baby works in the Bank. With his incomparable talents, earns more effectively than other Babies, except for the Binancian Baby, Ethereum Baby, and Tron Baby.

Location: Bank

Salary per block: 0.1 + (Advantaged attribute — 85)*0.005 MILK

Solana Baby in PvE

With high attribute values and the huge advantage of its rarity level, Solana Baby is definitely the strongest force in the PVE combat. Stay tuned for more details.

How to get a Solana Baby?

Solana Baby has a limited maximum amount of 2,000. You can only get it from Baby Merge.


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