Meet the New Baby — Tron Baby

Today, we will be introducing a new Baby, the Tron Baby!

Tron Baby is definitely a legendary all-rounder and made his own contribution to the crypto planet. His creation helps other Babies in a more efficient and economical way. Sometimes Tron Baby is bold with a rebellious tone but always wise with making choices. He has the special magic power to convince people and follow up on his will. For now, he is planning to explore space. No one knows what’s his next step…

Basic Information

Name: Tron Baby

Rarity: Ultra Rare

Max Quantity: 2,000

Series: The Celebrity You

Role: Mage

Damage Type: Magical

Advantage: Dexterity

Tron Baby in Daily Mining

Tron Baby works in the Bank. With his incomparable talents, earns more effectively than other Babies, except for the Binancian Baby and Ethereum Baby.

Location: Bank

Salary per block: 0.1 + (Advantaged attribute — 85)*0.005 MILK

Tron Baby in PvE

With high attribute values and the huge advantage of its rarity level, Tron Baby is definitely the strongest force in the PVE combat. Stay tuned for more details.

How to get a Tron Baby?

Tron Baby has a limited maximum amount of 2,000. You can only get it from Baby Merge.


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