New Baby Collection Arriving: The Celebrity You

The Crypto You
3 min readFeb 25, 2022


Good day, fellas.

We are now in the fresh spring, the Baby Planet needs new blood! Today we will be formally introducing the new Baby Character collection — The Celebrity You!

Meet the Celebrity Babies!

The Celebrity You is a series of brand new Baby Characters. The design concept of this collection is to regard the major blockchain organizations and the core representatives behind them, which made the largest scale, created countless fortunes, hold numerous users, and have distinguished themselves in the crypto world.

We already had the Binancian Baby, who is representing the BNB Chain and figuring the great leader. The rest of the Celebrity Babies are:

  • Ethereum Baby
  • TRON Baby
  • Solana Baby
  • Avalanche Baby
  • Fantom Baby

The honor list goes on! What will they look like? 👀

What Celebrity Babies can do?

The whole Celebrity You series are Ultra Rare, which means they will all have high attribute values and the huge advantage of rarity level.

The Most Effective Mining Baby

All the Celebrity Babies can work in the Daily Mining station — Bank. Salary per block of Bank is 0.1 + (Advantaged attribute - 85)*0.005 MILK.

The Top-tier Combat Force

Attributes, the team combo, and the Baby level are critical to winning the PVE battle. With high attribute values and the huge advantage of the Ultra Rare rarity level, the celebrity Babies are definitely the top-tier force in the PVE combat.

Share the Game Revenue

Every celebrity Baby will each share 1% of the game revenue in MILK. The 1% is a fixed rate that no matter how many Babies each kind generates.

For example, when we have 2,000 Binancian Babies and 1,500 Ethereum Babies generated:

How can I get them?

The Celebrity You Babies are all Ultra Rare. They all have a limited quantity and are open for generation for a limited period of time.

Besides the Binancian Baby, all following Celebrity Babies will each be open for generation for 7 days.

For example, the celebrity we are having now is the Binancian Baby. It is limited up to a quantity of 2,000, and the generation period is from 12:00 PM, Feb 11th to 12:00 PM Feb 28th. The next celebrity — Ethereum Baby will go live from Feb 28th to March 7th.

Binancian Baby is the first Celebrity on Baby Planet. It is special not only because the Baby Planet is built on BNB Chain, but also because it is the only celebrity UR that generated from NFT redeem. This is why we open the window for Biniancian Baby longer than others. After 12:00 PM Feb 28th, you will not be able to merge a Binancian Baby any longer. But the redeem will still be available.

Seize the chance!

As we mentioned, the next new Ultra Rare Celebrity Baby will be live the next Monday. At the same time, the Binancian Baby will be off from the merging pool. You only have a weekend left to get your Binancian Baby! Also, stay tuned for new Celebrity Baby updates, cause all of them are time-limited!

With the new elite Babies joining in, The Crypto You is proceeding to the next stage.

Let’s build the Baby Planet together.


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